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All pictures of plants/buds are my personal pictures, from my medical marijuana garden- hence the credit.

Other than that you'll find lyrics of Tool, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails. Music videos and youtube videos. Marijuana quotes. Personal Drug Experiences. Book quotes/recommendations. Personal Pictures of me, my boyfriend, my life. Rants and dumb ass shit that comes out of my brain.

I'm Cassidy, a 21 year old living in Northern California. Medical marijuana user, mainly for my general anxiety [although I also use it for my back pain and insomnia]. Happily with the love of my life for 5 short years, and i'm proud to say he's the only man i've ever slept with. I am interested in learning more about life; expanding my mind and discovering new things daily :)

High Story Time

So one time me, Rachel, and Dwight smoked so much fucking bud. I have no fucking clue how much, but it was a lot- not to mention my tolerance being so much lower back in the day, I was fucking RIPPED. We are hungry as fuck and stoned as can be, and decide to go to Shari’s for some delicious pie. When we got there we stared at the menu for what felt like an hour trying to decide what fucking flavored slice of pie each of us wanted. EVENTUALLY, we decided to order one slice of each flavor [lmfao]. We were dying with laughter as we told the waitress we wanted one slice of each of the 16 different pies. When we got our order our ENTIRE table was covered in plates of pie slices. Dwight thought this was absolutely hilarious, and that it was necessary for him to take a picture of them with his cell phone. He couldn’t get a good angle so he decides to stand on the other table to get an aerial view. Right when he does this the waitress sees him and yells “SIR WE DONT DO THAT IN HERE!” hahahahahahaha. Omg Rachel and I had tears streaming down our face for soooo long from laughing soooo hard. We ate our pie and left very satisfied.

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First Acid Experience

I was 16, and staying at my dad’s house for the weekend. I was sleeping on the couch high as fuck, when I hear my brother and step-sister giggling as the front door closed and they came back inside from wherever they were. It was probably about 12 at night. I laid there trying to ignore them and fall back asleep. Then hear Rachel say, “Cassidy, open your mouth.” In my high sleep haze I open my mouth expecting some yummy munchie and feel sugar start dissolving on my tongue. I sit up immediately and open my eyes. Rachel and Josh [my step sister and brother] Are standing above me with the most shit-eating grins on their face. “Ready to trip?!” And I was instantly awake. She’d known i’d wanted to try LSD for a long time now, and had recently grabbed HUNDREDS of hits from a close friend in Humboldt to make some money. So there we were, me, my older brother, my step-sister, and her boyfriend. Sitting in the living room getting ready to trip, with my dad, step-mom, and younger siblings sleeping upstairs. We sat on the couches watching TV, my body began to feel extremely amazing and electrified, like it was filled with all sorts of buzzing energy. The walls moved in waves and the floor twisted into spirals beneath my feet. My brother is TRIPPING BALLS [he’s always been a light-weight when it comes to drugs] and says “I wanna watch something scary!” And changes the TV to Unsolved Mysteries. He then begins to burst out laughing, trying to explain to us in between his hystericalness that the host’s face keeps changing colors- from red to blue to green to yellow. We all just lay there laughing at him for days, he gets up and goes to the bathroom. 45 minutes later Rachel and I are like “Wait.. where the fuck is Josh?” We knock on the door and he comes out of the bathroom with the most intense look on his face and wide eyes. “My face was melting. I was stuck in the mirror” I’m just laughing my ass off at how hard my brother is tripping off of the same exact acid that I had also taken. Eventually Josh passes out on the couch, and Rachel and her boyfriend go upstairs to be alone in her room. I could not sleep AT ALL. Wide awake, I go into the backyard. Behind my dads house was a huge area filled with oak trees and dead grass, which eventually lead to the train tracks about a half mile away. The moon was full and the world looked so absolutely brilliant to me. I walked around in my pajamas in the cold for about an hour, just staring in awe at everything. I laid in the middle of nowhere and stared at the sky, contemplating existence. Then the train came. Now, I can’t explain this noise to you- but the whistling of the train going by on the tracks sounded exactly like howling carried on the wind through the trees. When I was little, my nightmares were plagued by wolves chasing me down and eating me. Automatically I got spooked and ran back to the house. I got out my cellphone and called Kevin [he was in Arizona for schooling at the time] and made him stay on the phone with me until the sun came up at 5 and my dad woke up to get ready for work. I finally forced myself to settle the buzzing in my body, relax, and go to sleep.

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First experience with pure MDMA [molly]

New Years Eve 2008. Me, Kevin, Chad, and Amber are all chilling at Chad and Amber’s apartment- wondering what the fuck we are going to do for New Years celebrations tonight. None of us really wanted to drink, we were wanting to get FUCKED up. Diane and Jacoby show up and bring up Molly. Of course, we are all down. End up calling Jerod because we know he always deals around our town [at the time]. He tells us he’s having a New Years Eve party and to come on out. Drive a little ways out of town to his house, where there’s about 8 people bbqing and rolling out of their minds. We find Jerod inside laying on the couch with his eyes rolling into the back of his head. He ends up only making us pay for 2 hits and gives us the other 4 for free. We drive back home and bust open the capsules to snort the molly in order for it to hit us faster. Kevin and I were comparing capsules and mine was about twice as full as his. I snort mine and he snorts half of his [Kevin always has the WORST come downs on ecstasy so he was hesitant to take it.. even though molly is a million times better] and then I snort the other half. About 30 minutes later we are rolling HARD. My body had intense waves of euphoria, my hands were sweating and ridiculously clammy [like they always get when I roll], but it was more of a relaxed, calming euphoria then what I had experienced on regular ecstasy pills cut with other drugs like meth, heroin, or caffeine. We start playing some card games and drinking some beer. All of a sudden someone starts POUNDING on the front door, and of course the first thought it “cops!” Nope, just drunk Mandy and Travis trying to control her lmao. Mandy yells “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” and throws her arms out. I’ve never seen that girl more smashed. She comes over and sits in my lap. “Cassidy…” her words are completely slurring “I love you!” and then she starts making out with me. I pull my head back busting up laughing, “I love you too Mandy!! You drunk?” She giggles and replies “OH, only a little!!!” So hilarious. She then proceeds to tell me how Kevin and I were meant to be together and she’s never seen him this happy before, which made me very happy. I go upstairs to go to the bathroom, and automatically regret that decision [Chad and Amber had cats and kept the litter box in the bathroom… only they seriously never cleaned it. EVER. So disgusting] So I run downstairs and outside, where I puke and then pee [I have never puked rolling so that was quite an accomplishment lmao]. Go inside to Diane and Jacoby arguing, so Kevin and I got over that reaaaaal quick. We decide to drive home [I drove, even though I took way more than Kevin had, i’ve always been the better driver under any influence lmao] and get home safe <3 For the rest of the night we basically laid naked in each other’s arms listening to music and loving each other. Don’t believe people when they say not to have sex on ecstasy and that it will ruin sober sex forever. SUCH an urban legend and not true at all. It’s a great experience, and sober sex is just as good as it was before.

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Really high time.

One of my highest. I was probably… 14? Idk for sure. We had smoked IDEK how much bud, there were probably five of us there. We got a 24 pack and drove to the cemetary to drink. After finishing the beer and smoking even more, we played hide and seek in the moonlight in the cemetary. Kind of eerie, but REALLY cool. Eventually I found a gravestone ‘DICK YU CHEW’. We laughed about that for SO LONG. After that, we decided to attempt to ‘talk’ to Dick. We sat around in a circle holding hands around the gravestone, attempting to call upon him.. or summon him.. or whatever. After about 30 minutes of failed ghost summoning, a thought randomly came to my head. “He’s not responding because we’re not speaking Chinese.” We all burst out into laughter again, rolling around on the ground. About 5 minutes after that, red and blue lights appeared in the front of the cemetary, and we all booked it. I see Dwight running and jumping a fence, I just ran further into the cemetary and just pressed myself against the back of a huge headstone. Chantelle stayed with the car, but just told the cops she was homeless and camping out in her car. They took pity on her and just told her to leave the cemetary. After about 20 minutes the cops left, and we all got away basically scot-free.

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Mushroom Experience #2

So this time, I buy a quarter of shrooms. Destined to get fucked up, I want to see ‘rainbow trees and tye-dye skies’. Like people claim to see. Like i’ve never experienced. It was my step-sister’s 21st birthday, and her house was FILLED with people. At LEAST 50 people there, if not more. I’m in the garage with Kevin and some other people, just munching down on the caps and stems. Kevin decides to tease me- “There’s a lot of people here, what if the cops show up?” I respond “Then you better get me the fuck out of here.” He laughs, “Yeah right babe- you’ll be tripping balls you won’t be able to escape, i’m gonna jump the fence and run.” OBVIOUSLY joking with me, I punch him in the arm and call him an asshole. Later on.. the nights going fine, other than a cap I gave to one of my step-sisters friends who had just moved in with her, moving from Missouri [she had never tried shrooms before and wanted to try a little], I ate the entire quarter. I spent a lot of the time standing in the garage, watching the boys play beer pong and watching the cement floor ‘move’ beneath my feet. Rachel [step-sister] was WASTED. SO wasted that she let us shave her head into a mohawk. LMAO. That was awesome. I wasn’t tripping too hard, mild hallucinations- bright colors flashing from the corners of the rooms. My body felt amazing- that’s one thing about shrooms, the body high is SO intense. Intense buzzing, It feels amazing. I’m sitting in the garage, when our friend Jon comes running out with Jerod on his back, choking him out [they were drunk ‘play fighting’] Jon eventually passes out, falls to the ground. THEN HE STARTS SEIZING. Puking on himself. His girlfriend says he has a pre-existing condition for seizures. So NOW i’m tripping the fuck out on the conversation I had with Kevin earlier- because at this point i’m TOTALLY convinced the cops are going to show up any minute. I started to have an anxiety attack [this is the closest to a bad trip i’ve ever had]. Told Kevin we needed to get the fuck out of there NOW. We leave, and my vision is WARPED from the shrooms. Our truck doesn’t look like our truck, it looks five times as big and I have a hard time getting into it. Everything looks so much bigger than normal- like i’ve shrunk, or they’ve grown. I felt like I was in a cartoon on the way home, bright colors from the cars in my face and buildings seeming like they’re TOWERING over me. Once I got home I felt so relaxed and safe, and spent the rest of my night cuddled up to my man watching him play Geometry Wars on XBOX [sooo badass to play while tripping]. The next day I come to find out the girl I gave the cap to freaked the fuck out and moved back to Missouri. LMAO.

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My stepsister and I on her 21st birthday.
Her = wasted. So wasted we gave her a mohawk.
Me = frying balls. Shrooms.

My stepsister and I on her 21st birthday.

Her = wasted. So wasted we gave her a mohawk.

Me = frying balls. Shrooms.

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The most intense trip i’ve had thus far.


OKAY. Before we get started. Kevin’s my boyfriend. Chad and Amber are a couple. Travis and Mandy were a couple at the time. Karley and Tyler are a couple. Then there are the other rando’s you’ll meet throughout the night. But a little bacground. Lolz.

April 3, 2010. The night before we had thrown a MASSIVE fucking party with ALL of our best, closest friends. It was a REALLY good night.. other than my boyfriend’s best friend [since they were in preschool] started telling me lies about Kevin to try to get me to break up, and leave with him instead. [Yes, I found out they were all lies because every single other person- including MY close friends were telling me the truth, as well as the fact he was so drunk he told me Kevin cheated on me with my step sister, along with any other girl he could think of.] Anyways, I woke up and went out into our shop where Kevin and Travis were playing Halo, picked up all the beer cans. At that time, my friend Kyla texted me and told me she could get some Lucy. I didn’t get excited, because everytime I find out I can get a hold of her, all of my friends are douche’s and bail on me or are too pussy. None of them love hallucinogens like me, so after calling EVERYONE.. and convincing person after person to do it with us, I had a group of about ten people. I drove to my home town to go buy the hits.. 12 altogether [I was getting two of course, and extra’s if someone wanted to feel it harder.] So I go pick up Kyla and meet these guys at the park to get the shit, they hand me some foil, and after i looked and saw the blotters I gave him the money. Driving back to town I was so anxious, but decided to wait. When I got back to my house EVERYONE was there waiting. I go inside, pull out the foil and unfold it. Obviously I hadn’t been paying close enough attention, because they gave us one long ass strip, they weren’t cut into individual hits. So I took over that task, cutting off a huge hunk to be the equivalent of my two hits, then cutting up the rest. Earlier that day, Travis and Mandy had gotten the bright idea we should all go camp at a local camping area, so we took the hits, loaded up in the car, and left. When we got there, there was already a tent set up. We all decided to go for a walk through the woods, none of us feeling it yet. As we’re walking I notice all of the girls [including me] starting to act a little different, I begin to feel that anticipation pressure bubbling up inside of me, building up behind my eyes ready to explode. Tyler was feeling it too, I could tell. It was insane how fast it was hitting us. We had just taken these hits not fifteen minutes ago, and I was already coming up fast. At this point during the walk, we’re all asking each other if we could feel it- everyone except for Kevin, Travis, and Andy said they were feeling it hard. Chad mid-step stops, runs to the side and starts puking. This seriously amazes me, considering we’re literally thirty minutes after initially taking our hits. Tyler and Karley are giggling out of their minds, trying to explain to all of us that “the branches of the tree over there say love! Awe, look babe! It’s the love tree!” Hahaha, god I crack up thinking about this now. Of course I respond like a total cunt, “Damn you guys are already tripping balls, those branches don’t say shit.” After Chad recovers we continue are walk, trying to hurry a little more considering the sun is setting and it’s turning dark really fast. At some point Travis fucking goes running off into the hills and disappears with Mandy’s dog, Kevin and Andy seriously to me just fucking disappear out of thin air. I’m frying hard- my entire body is buzzing with the most intense sensation it’s impossible to explain. Mandy [who had only tried acid once before this, and hadn’t really felt anything] looked at me with her huge bug eyes, and I could just tell she was SO overwhelmed. She starts spinning around in circles on the path, singing “My boyfriend’s gone, my dog’s gone.” Over and over. Then she stops, turns to me. “Cassidy. What if Kevin and Andy like.. planned this whole thing. And they’re like.. sitting on top of a hill with a gun just watching us and are going to kill us all.” I seriously could not help it, I started laughing so fucking hard and pulled her into a hug. “Baby girl, you’re frying balls. Chill out.” Chad and Tyler were getting irritated, having to stop every two seconds while me, karley, mandy, and amber giggled and talked about everything. It seems right around the time I was reassuring Mandy is when i started peaking- and I have never felt so completely overwhelmed in my entire life. Everything turned to green and black checkers. I couldn’t see the path, the trees, leaves.. any detail of anything. Just checkers. I kept calling out to my friends to grab my hand.. but they didn’t seem to understand that I literally could not navigate myself whatsoever. Every time one of them would come really close, i could make out their face- but that was it. At this point I was getting super frustrated with the fact I coudln’t see anything and no one was helping me- and that my boyfriend had abandoned me and was nowhere to be found, I was going to just sit on the path and not move. But instead, I got on my hands and knees and followed the sounds of my friends voices- which led me crawling up a hill and finally making it back to the group- boys and all reunited, and we walked back to our campsite. When we get to the campsite it is completely pitch black; and we all realize we were no where near prepared to camp out here. We didn’t even have a flashlight, or ANY source of light. So as we all sit around this picnik table in pitch fucking black- we decide that we have to make an adventure back to someone’s house [we end up picking Tyler’s]. My boyfriend and Travis step up, saying they’re not feeling anything yet at all and they’ll drive. I end up being in Chad’s truck with Travis driving, Amber, Chad, and Andy. Kevin was stuck with the people FREAKING out- Tyler, Karley, and Mandy in Mandy’s car. Right when Travis starts up the truck, the radio starts and Road Trippin’ by RHCP comes on. PERFECT timing <3 As we drive through town, my tracers were so intense that the entire atmosphere was just a blend of fluorescent reds and yellows and greens. It’s crazy, because although I have drove through this town 2193472938572935 bagillion times, nothing looked the same. I couldn’t identify where we were. Then, we pull up at Tyler’s house. Thank god we all got there safe. I run up to Mandy’s car as they pull up. Kevin gets out of the car, “Whoa! I fucking started tripping hard on the ride here, that was a bad idea.” We laughed and went in the house, turned on some music. Once again, right when we turn it on Fly Like an Eagle by Steve Miller starts up. I can feel the music flowing around my body, almost like laying in water. Travis is standing in the middle of the hallway when he yells “Holy fuck! Come look at this!” Of course I rush over, and he’s pointing down the hallway to the backroom where we have music playing, people are smoking, etc. I just laugh like “Uh… yeah Trav.. that’s the backroom.” He grabs my shoulders, “No, LOOK.” I turn back and focus for a second. About ten little multi-colored orbs [like bubbles!] were floating in mid-air, dancing down the hallway to the beat of the music. It was amazing, and Travis and I literally stood there for at least thirty minutes just staring. I walk into the back room- Tyler is sitting in a corner with a deck of cards, throwing them up into the air and then laughing hysterically as they float down around him. Andy is leaning against the stereo being completely quiet, until he finally speaks up. “I feel like i’m blobbed guys.” Hahaha, funniest shit ever I laughed for days. Kevin comes out of the bathroom with huge fucking eyes, “Do you know how scary it is peaking on acid, and you look down while your pissing and your dick looks like it’s bleeding?!” It took him a while to calm down after that one. We all take up flicking cards at eachother’s faces, the card zooming by in slow motion as it whizzes past my ear. Korn- Falling Away from me comes on, and I pick up the darts, hurling them towards the dart board to the beat- and doing better than any game of darts i’ve ever played. Mandy and I danced around on the cards barefoot, sliding and twisting around like we were seven. We all decide to walk down to one-stop and by some drinks, Mandy ends up getting chips. Now, I can’t explain the fucking look on her face while she was eating those chips- but it was the funniest shit ever. Like she was lost in her own little world, and she was clinging to the chips like they were the only thing keeping her in reality. On the walk back, Andy reaches over and grabs a chip, puts it in his mouth for a second, and then pulls it back out really fast. “I fucking forgot how to eat for a second! I almost just tried swallowing this..” He stayed away from any sort of food for the rest of the night. Tyler and Karley have this crazy multi-colored Chinese dragon picture in their living room, and the dragon was moving, wiggling around in his frame all night. We were all laughing so hard for days, because he seemed to move to the beat of every song. Eventually, the night wore down, [and we all realized it was fucking Easter the next day- oops!] and Kevin and I were ready to go- but still tripping so we knew we couldn’t drive. So we decide to call a cab [at 3.30 in the morning]. Everyone was FREAKING out about who was going to call, and after a forty-five minute argument I took my cell phone outside and called the cab. About ten minutes later, I hear Tyler in the living room freaking out about how someone’s in front of his house. As we’re leaving, our friends Chad and Amber really wanted to leave with us, but ‘were too scared’ to get the balls to go into the cab [tripping makes normal things fucking scary lol.] So we get into the cab and this old couple who’s driving it are being the meanest, douchiest people ever- until I start talking about how i’m excited to see Dillinger. Obviously they love pets. We get home [it’s the most amazing, relaxing feeling to see your own home when you are hallucinating. Probably the best feeling in the world.] As we walk through the door and Kevin turns the lights on, I look down and my dog is there to greet us at the door. The thing is though, to me he looks like he is convulsing and seizing. I literally jump from the floor to the top of the couch, exclaiming to Kevin that someone must have dropped part of their hit and he got to it. My boyfriend, being amazing as he is, calms me down and tells me that it’s just MY vision doing that to me, and he’s just excited to see us and perfectly fine. We turn on Escape by DJ Icey on the XBox with the colored/patterned backgrounds. I laughed for so long, every time the high pitch tone came on Dillinger would tilt his head one way, then the other. It’s extra fucking cute when you’re fucked up. Eventually we made love. Yes made LOVE, because it was the closest, most intense emotional experience. Eye contact 100% of the time, and I could just tell by the look in his eyes he was feeling the same thing I was. After, we held each other and talked about how much we loved each other, where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do with our lives. It was the closest I have ever felt to any person on this earth, and I don’t know if that feeling would ever be possible with anyone else.

I miss times like these with close friends.

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Soooo fucked up on methadone that day.

So many random people have reblogged this lately. Maybe cuz it&#8217;s tagged methadone? Anyways, I haven&#8217;t taken any in a lonnng while :)

Soooo fucked up on methadone that day.

So many random people have reblogged this lately. Maybe cuz it’s tagged methadone? Anyways, I haven’t taken any in a lonnng while :)

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First True Salvia Experience

Now, I say ‘first true experience’ because, as most of you know, I have tried salvia MANY times. I’ve tried 20X, 40X, and 60X strength extracts. Everytime I have tried the exact same way- smoking the salvia out of my bong. Each time it would be the exact same thing- a euphoric feeling would start in my shoulders and shoot both up and down at the same time through the rest of my body, and then i’d have a crazy euphoric feeling for about 5 minutes. Never any visual hallucinations, changes in my surroundings. I could always talk, walk, and communicate with other people the entire time.

I came home from work last night, and although I was disappointed that when I had smoked salvia earlier that day by myself [hoping that without people watching my mind would let go and it would work more than it had before] and it had done nothing, I decided to try smoking it one last time [since I do already have the extract and all]. I sat down on the ground in my living room and pushed the table away from me so if something did happen I wouldn’t hit my head or knock something over.

I loaded my bowl with as much 40X salvia extract as I could, and took a huge rip. Almost instantaneously I knew that this time was going to be different. Right after I blew out the hit and set my bong down, everything changed… but not. Immediately when the effects came in, I had forgotten I had smoked salvia. I guess not ‘forgot’- just the idea was NO WHERE in my mind that this change in my life was caused by salvia. It seemed as though I had been going about my every day life and this just randomly happened.

All of a sudden I was… a book? I don’t know how to explain it. I was a book and right after I had blown out that hit of salvia my life [the book was the story of my life] ended. And in my mind i’m thinking “No. This is my life, it’s real. It’s not a book.” And then a deep male voice kept replying, “No, your life is over, it was all a book put together for others to enjoy.” And so i’m crying and repeating to myself over and over “No, this is my life. It’s real.” And the narrarator voice replied. “No, it’s fake. Let me show you.” And then all of a sudden it was like my life was in rewind but I was being ‘flipped’ over and over again [like the pages of a book] and watching the last hour before I had took the salvia hit before my eyes, while crying. I saw me watching TV, texting friends, feeding my cats, watering the plants. I had no control of ‘my body’ [which was a book? Like I said, idk how to explain it], because I kept trying to resist and would be pulling back to try to keep the page from turning, but no matter how hard I tried, it kept turning and ‘rewinding’ my life.

All of a sudden I came out of it, and I was standing out front of my house in my drive way trying to get into my truck, somehow I had managed to walk all the way through my house and get outside while tripping. When I walked back inside I realized the narrarator voice had been a man’s voice on the TV- and I think when I walked outside and couldn’t hear it anymore, kind of snapped me out of that trip.

I walked back inside super fast, still REALLy shaky- my vision still a little shaky as well. There was a massive ringing in my ears that was driving me crazy, and all I kept thinking about was how I was going to be stuck feeling like that forever, and it scared the shit out of me. I paced my house for about five minutes [which seemed like an ETERNITY at the time], and finally started to feel normal.

It was really intense. More intense than I could ever try to explain.

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