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All pictures of plants/buds are my personal pictures, from my medical marijuana garden- hence the credit.

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I'm Cassidy, a 21 year old living in Northern California. Medical marijuana user, mainly for my general anxiety [although I also use it for my back pain and insomnia]. Happily with the love of my life for 5 short years, and i'm proud to say he's the only man i've ever slept with. I am interested in learning more about life; expanding my mind and discovering new things daily :)

First experience with pure MDMA [molly]

New Years Eve 2008. Me, Kevin, Chad, and Amber are all chilling at Chad and Amber’s apartment- wondering what the fuck we are going to do for New Years celebrations tonight. None of us really wanted to drink, we were wanting to get FUCKED up. Diane and Jacoby show up and bring up Molly. Of course, we are all down. End up calling Jerod because we know he always deals around our town [at the time]. He tells us he’s having a New Years Eve party and to come on out. Drive a little ways out of town to his house, where there’s about 8 people bbqing and rolling out of their minds. We find Jerod inside laying on the couch with his eyes rolling into the back of his head. He ends up only making us pay for 2 hits and gives us the other 4 for free. We drive back home and bust open the capsules to snort the molly in order for it to hit us faster. Kevin and I were comparing capsules and mine was about twice as full as his. I snort mine and he snorts half of his [Kevin always has the WORST come downs on ecstasy so he was hesitant to take it.. even though molly is a million times better] and then I snort the other half. About 30 minutes later we are rolling HARD. My body had intense waves of euphoria, my hands were sweating and ridiculously clammy [like they always get when I roll], but it was more of a relaxed, calming euphoria then what I had experienced on regular ecstasy pills cut with other drugs like meth, heroin, or caffeine. We start playing some card games and drinking some beer. All of a sudden someone starts POUNDING on the front door, and of course the first thought it “cops!” Nope, just drunk Mandy and Travis trying to control her lmao. Mandy yells “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” and throws her arms out. I’ve never seen that girl more smashed. She comes over and sits in my lap. “Cassidy…” her words are completely slurring “I love you!” and then she starts making out with me. I pull my head back busting up laughing, “I love you too Mandy!! You drunk?” She giggles and replies “OH, only a little!!!” So hilarious. She then proceeds to tell me how Kevin and I were meant to be together and she’s never seen him this happy before, which made me very happy. I go upstairs to go to the bathroom, and automatically regret that decision [Chad and Amber had cats and kept the litter box in the bathroom… only they seriously never cleaned it. EVER. So disgusting] So I run downstairs and outside, where I puke and then pee [I have never puked rolling so that was quite an accomplishment lmao]. Go inside to Diane and Jacoby arguing, so Kevin and I got over that reaaaaal quick. We decide to drive home [I drove, even though I took way more than Kevin had, i’ve always been the better driver under any influence lmao] and get home safe <3 For the rest of the night we basically laid naked in each other’s arms listening to music and loving each other. Don’t believe people when they say not to have sex on ecstasy and that it will ruin sober sex forever. SUCH an urban legend and not true at all. It’s a great experience, and sober sex is just as good as it was before.

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