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All pictures of plants/buds are my personal pictures, from my medical marijuana garden- hence the credit.

Other than that you'll find lyrics of Tool, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails. Music videos and youtube videos. Marijuana quotes. Personal Drug Experiences. Book quotes/recommendations. Personal Pictures of me, my boyfriend, my life. Rants and dumb ass shit that comes out of my brain.

I'm Cassidy, a 21 year old living in Northern California. Medical marijuana user, mainly for my general anxiety [although I also use it for my back pain and insomnia]. Happily with the love of my life for 5 short years, and i'm proud to say he's the only man i've ever slept with. I am interested in learning more about life; expanding my mind and discovering new things daily :)

Mushroom Experience #2

So this time, I buy a quarter of shrooms. Destined to get fucked up, I want to see ‘rainbow trees and tye-dye skies’. Like people claim to see. Like i’ve never experienced. It was my step-sister’s 21st birthday, and her house was FILLED with people. At LEAST 50 people there, if not more. I’m in the garage with Kevin and some other people, just munching down on the caps and stems. Kevin decides to tease me- “There’s a lot of people here, what if the cops show up?” I respond “Then you better get me the fuck out of here.” He laughs, “Yeah right babe- you’ll be tripping balls you won’t be able to escape, i’m gonna jump the fence and run.” OBVIOUSLY joking with me, I punch him in the arm and call him an asshole. Later on.. the nights going fine, other than a cap I gave to one of my step-sisters friends who had just moved in with her, moving from Missouri [she had never tried shrooms before and wanted to try a little], I ate the entire quarter. I spent a lot of the time standing in the garage, watching the boys play beer pong and watching the cement floor ‘move’ beneath my feet. Rachel [step-sister] was WASTED. SO wasted that she let us shave her head into a mohawk. LMAO. That was awesome. I wasn’t tripping too hard, mild hallucinations- bright colors flashing from the corners of the rooms. My body felt amazing- that’s one thing about shrooms, the body high is SO intense. Intense buzzing, It feels amazing. I’m sitting in the garage, when our friend Jon comes running out with Jerod on his back, choking him out [they were drunk ‘play fighting’] Jon eventually passes out, falls to the ground. THEN HE STARTS SEIZING. Puking on himself. His girlfriend says he has a pre-existing condition for seizures. So NOW i’m tripping the fuck out on the conversation I had with Kevin earlier- because at this point i’m TOTALLY convinced the cops are going to show up any minute. I started to have an anxiety attack [this is the closest to a bad trip i’ve ever had]. Told Kevin we needed to get the fuck out of there NOW. We leave, and my vision is WARPED from the shrooms. Our truck doesn’t look like our truck, it looks five times as big and I have a hard time getting into it. Everything looks so much bigger than normal- like i’ve shrunk, or they’ve grown. I felt like I was in a cartoon on the way home, bright colors from the cars in my face and buildings seeming like they’re TOWERING over me. Once I got home I felt so relaxed and safe, and spent the rest of my night cuddled up to my man watching him play Geometry Wars on XBOX [sooo badass to play while tripping]. The next day I come to find out the girl I gave the cap to freaked the fuck out and moved back to Missouri. LMAO.

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First True Salvia Experience

Now, I say ‘first true experience’ because, as most of you know, I have tried salvia MANY times. I’ve tried 20X, 40X, and 60X strength extracts. Everytime I have tried the exact same way- smoking the salvia out of my bong. Each time it would be the exact same thing- a euphoric feeling would start in my shoulders and shoot both up and down at the same time through the rest of my body, and then i’d have a crazy euphoric feeling for about 5 minutes. Never any visual hallucinations, changes in my surroundings. I could always talk, walk, and communicate with other people the entire time.

I came home from work last night, and although I was disappointed that when I had smoked salvia earlier that day by myself [hoping that without people watching my mind would let go and it would work more than it had before] and it had done nothing, I decided to try smoking it one last time [since I do already have the extract and all]. I sat down on the ground in my living room and pushed the table away from me so if something did happen I wouldn’t hit my head or knock something over.

I loaded my bowl with as much 40X salvia extract as I could, and took a huge rip. Almost instantaneously I knew that this time was going to be different. Right after I blew out the hit and set my bong down, everything changed… but not. Immediately when the effects came in, I had forgotten I had smoked salvia. I guess not ‘forgot’- just the idea was NO WHERE in my mind that this change in my life was caused by salvia. It seemed as though I had been going about my every day life and this just randomly happened.

All of a sudden I was… a book? I don’t know how to explain it. I was a book and right after I had blown out that hit of salvia my life [the book was the story of my life] ended. And in my mind i’m thinking “No. This is my life, it’s real. It’s not a book.” And then a deep male voice kept replying, “No, your life is over, it was all a book put together for others to enjoy.” And so i’m crying and repeating to myself over and over “No, this is my life. It’s real.” And the narrarator voice replied. “No, it’s fake. Let me show you.” And then all of a sudden it was like my life was in rewind but I was being ‘flipped’ over and over again [like the pages of a book] and watching the last hour before I had took the salvia hit before my eyes, while crying. I saw me watching TV, texting friends, feeding my cats, watering the plants. I had no control of ‘my body’ [which was a book? Like I said, idk how to explain it], because I kept trying to resist and would be pulling back to try to keep the page from turning, but no matter how hard I tried, it kept turning and ‘rewinding’ my life.

All of a sudden I came out of it, and I was standing out front of my house in my drive way trying to get into my truck, somehow I had managed to walk all the way through my house and get outside while tripping. When I walked back inside I realized the narrarator voice had been a man’s voice on the TV- and I think when I walked outside and couldn’t hear it anymore, kind of snapped me out of that trip.

I walked back inside super fast, still REALLy shaky- my vision still a little shaky as well. There was a massive ringing in my ears that was driving me crazy, and all I kept thinking about was how I was going to be stuck feeling like that forever, and it scared the shit out of me. I paced my house for about five minutes [which seemed like an ETERNITY at the time], and finally started to feel normal.

It was really intense. More intense than I could ever try to explain.

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